An idea for the revitalisation of Europe

On November 14th, we presented to the European Commission how consistent retirement funding can help revitalise Europe.

Our idea is to create a large economical, ecological and social sustainable European Retirement Investment Fund, controlled by the European Commission. And in addition to make it possible for all Europeans and those organisations that wish so, to invest, tax deferred, in Eastern Europe, smaller companies, depopulating areas, green and sustainable technologies, natural farming, and sustainable production. And limit the tax-deferred retirement investments to Europe and those that are in the interest of the European tax payers.


We use a less conventional approach, since we are not professionals in the world of finance, politics, media or interest groups. But contacts ranging from professionals of the financial sector to ‘ordinary’ Europeans taught us that our idea could be the way to solve European problems. We are the Intergenerationeel Overleg, a cooperation between people from Eastern as well as Western Europe, with different backgrounds, who are witnessing with disbelief the state of affairs in the European Union. But it is not about us.

Anomalies abound. Despite lots of initiatives in environmental, social and governmental investing (ESG) the financing of projects to counter the climate crisis is a problem. Isn’t it remarkable that the Dutch retirement system has over half of their capital of over 1,300 billion euro invested outside the eurozone, this while Germany, once Weltmeister Export, screams for investments?

The capital-based retirement systems, as they have developed, invest in the creation of problems instead of solving problems by investing.

Several European problems are connected by the way the different retirement systems work. Our estimation is that far over eighty percent of worldwide listed investments are made in the interest of capital funding. Tax deferred.

The full text of
An idea for
the revitalisation of Europe

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Update: we received a reply from a top expert of the European services on this idea, that stated amongst others: “Moreover, as you correctly point out in your proposal, the European Union has limited competence in matters related to tax matters unless these directly affect the functioning of the internal market. Therefore, your proposal related to tax-deferral of retirement investments and other taxation matters would require a reflection on the EU framework, including at Treaty level.”

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